SaskCanola Announces Investment in Clubroot Survey

The Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission (SaskCanola) is pleased to announce investment in the provincial clubroot survey. SaskCanola is investing approximately $170,000 to test soil samples collected throughout the province. This is the second year SaskCanola is funding this survey, a partnership with Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) Plant Health Officers.

“We have a responsibility, as an organization representing Saskatchewan canola growers, to better understand the spread of this disease,” says Lane Stockbrugger, Chair of SaskCanola.

A relatively new disease to Saskatchewan, the clubroot pathogen was first identified in a soil survey in 2008 by the Ministry of Agriculture. It was placed on the provincial Pest Control Act shortly after as a regulated pest. Unfortunately, there are few control measures available for this disease which is spread through soil movement.

“Over the last few years, we have had an increasing number of farmers observing symptoms in the field, but with 43 confirmed cases there is still an opportunity to manage it effectively,” Stockbrugger explains, “in 2019 we are encouraging farmers to participate in the soil survey on an individual basis.”

Samples for the 2019 Clubroot Survey will be collected in August through September by Plant Health Officers, with support from Ministry of Agriculture and Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation staff. Farmers can also submit a free, voluntary sample from their field by obtaining a sample bag from a Ministry of Agriculture Regional Office from July to September or at summer events, such as Sask CanolaPalooza and Ag in Motion. Confirmed cases from the voluntary samples will be used to help update the Saskatchewan Clubroot Map. Individual farm locations are not included on the map.

For more information, growers can call SaskCanola by calling 1-877-241-7044.

SaskCanola is a producer-led organization, established in 1991 and supported by some 23,000 levy-paying Saskatchewan canola producers. SaskCanola’s mandate is to grow producer prosperity through research, policy, and promotion.

For more information, media may contact:

Tracy Broughton
Government & Industry Relations Manager
(306) 715-2052