SaskCanola Commits $1.5 Million to Collaborative Canola Research & Maintains Current Leadership

The Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission (SaskCanola) has committed $1.5 million to support 10 new research projects funded under the Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) in 2018. Some of the projects include: understanding clubroot populations, monitoring soil organic carbon in direct seeded fields across Saskatchewan, defining best management practices for using supplemental heating with natural air drying, understanding canola root systems and nutrient uptake, and understanding the role of plant hosts during outbreaks of the aster leafhopper vectored Aster Yellows. Saskatchewan’s Minister of Agriculture, the Hon. Lyle Stewart, announced that the government will be investing $7.7 million into 30 crop-related ADF projects in 2018 at CropSphere on Tuesday, January 9. 

“SaskCanola is always looking for ways to maximize producers’ investment. Funding partners are key to this so we really appreciate the government’s sustained investment and continued support of the agriculture industry,” stated Janice Tranberg, SaskCanola Executive Director. 

In addition to the research commitments made through ADF, SaskCanola has committed $1.25 million towards canola specific agronomy research projects through the Canola Agronomic Research Program, including projects focusing on: understanding clubroot resistance, pre-harvest desiccant options for straight-cutting canola, understanding the new canola midge, monitoring blackleg race dynamics, and understanding novel blackleg resistance genes and quantitative resistance. 

To view currently funded SaskCanola research & project results, visit

As well, following SaskCanola’s Annual General Meeting, the SaskCanola Board of Directors voted to maintain current leadership for the 2018 year with Doyle Wiebe as Board Chair and Lane Stockbrugger as Vice-Chair. For further information about SaskCanola board committees and external appointments, visit

SaskCanola is a producer led organization, established in 1991 and supported by some 23,000 levy-paying Saskatchewan canola producers.

For more information, media may contact:
Ellen Grueter, Communications Manager, SaskCanola