Health Canada changes course on neonics

Health Canada changes course on neonics

It's a huge win for the canola industry: two of the most common neonicotinoid active ingredients, clothianidin and thiamethoxam, that are widely used by Canadian canola farmers have been cleared for continued use.

Health Canada launched a special review of the neonics in 2016, leading to a 2018 preliminary decision calling for a phased-in ban on outdoor use of the chemicals because of their potential negative impact on aquatic insects. However, on March 31 Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) announced that the neonics are not a threat to aquatic insects when used as a seed treatment on canola and in many other instances.

Health Canada’s scientists reviewed a large body of scientific information and concluded that a complete ban on neonicotinoid pesticides is not warranted. SaskCanola was instrumental in supporting research to inform the decision made by PMRA proving that the two neonics so essential to canola production are not a threat to the environment.

PMRA continues to review the safety of imidacloprid and will make a decision later this year.

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