Field to Table, Eat Well Together in Support of Canadian Restaurants

From farms and fields across the Prairies farmers show their support for restaurants in their endless endeavour to showcase world-class Canadian ingredients. This Wednesday, or any other day, take a break from cooking and celebrate safe, quality food – order Takeout.

This admiration is on full display in the short video, titled Field to Table, Eat Well Together, which features farmers sharing one common refrain, we support you: we are in this together.

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“Canadians cannot eat enough of what we grow to get us out of world market disruptions and we can’t possibly order enough takeout to solve all of their problems but we can certainly show our support to one another.” – Jeannette Andrashewski, farmer, Two Hills Alberta.

Restaurants serve a purpose far beyond selling food. They are the meeting point, the place you create memories and spend quality time with loved ones. They’re the venue for special celebrations and moments that matter. They sponsor sports teams, they donate to charities, they feed and nourish our families, and they need your help.

Faced with losses, prospects are growing dim for many restaurants. Owners simply can’t stay in business with no income. In April, a new initiative was launched asking Canadians to do one simple thing: order in from a local restaurant or pick up your favourite takeout to help keep the restaurant industry alive.

This small act will play a pivotal role in their recovery. Trickling in even a portion of lost profit means these business owners can keep their staff on payroll, pay suppliers, vendors, and maybe even themselves.

It’s an unpredictable balancing act, that changes daily, one that farmers know firsthand. Tight margins, market disruptions and export restrictions are all innate to Canada’s farmers.

In partnership with farmers across the country, Canola Growers have rallied to surround their restauranteur cohorts, sending messages of hope and support; and to further amplify their voice, are releasing a video to encourage Canadians to participate in Canada Takeout Day. Canada Takeout Day is an initiative that was launched in mid-April asking Canadians, if they are able: order in from a local restaurant or pick up your favourite takeout to help keep the restaurant industry alive.

From Canada’s Farmers to your kitchens, let’s eat well together.

Media Contact:
Ellen Pruden
Canola Eat Well Director

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