Clubroot Confirmed in Northwest Saskatchewan

Clubroot has been found in crop district 9B in northwest Saskatchewan.

“We’ve been advised that one new field in the northwest region of the province is heavily infested with clubroot,” Janice Tranberg, Executive Director stated. “In response to this finding, SaskCanola is working with the Canola Council of Canada and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture to reinforce producer awareness of the clubroot management fundamentals.”

Producers in Saskatchewan should not assume that clubroot is not already in their community or even on their farm. When the pathogen arrives via soil movement into a field it is often unnoticed for the first couple of years, especially if producers are not looking for it. Once the clubroot pathogen is introduced into a field or community, growing susceptible crops can increase clubroot spores, which can eventually lead to visual symptoms, yield loss, and reduction in the durability of clubroot resistance. 

SaskCanola encourages farmers to manage the risk of clubroot disease in several ways:

  • Follow a crop rotation with at least a 3 year interval between canola crops to reduce pressure from clubroot and other canola diseases and pests;
  • Grow clubroot resistant varieties;
  • Control volunteer canola in all crops;
  • Minimize soil movement between fields via equipment; and
  • Reduce tillage and soil disturbance to minimize soil and pathogen spread within a field and reduce movement caused by wind and water.

“Scout early, scout often. The earlier you find clubroot, the better you’ll be able to implement a strong management plan,” says Errin Willenborg, Research Manager.

For more information about clubroot and its prevention and management, canola producers can visit or contact their local Canola Council of Canada Agronomy Specialist, the Provincial Plant Disease Specialist, or the Agriculture Knowledge Centre. 

SaskCanola is a producer led organization, established in 1991 and supported by some 26,000 levy-paying Saskatchewan canola producers.


For more information, media may contact:
Ellen Grueter, Communications Manager, SaskCanola

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