CanolaPalooza - July 9, 2019

Saskatchewan CanolaPalooza was held July 9, 2019, at the Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Research Station near Saskatoon. This outdoor in-field event featured the latest canola research and agronomy in an interactive diagnostic learning environment.

Learning Stations & Speakers
Researchers and industry experts provided answers to questions at the learning stations.

Clubroot – station sponsored by Discovery Seed Labs
Speakers: Dan Orchard (Canola Council of Canada), Barb Ziesman (Saskatchewan Agriculture), Dr. Edel Perez-Lopez (University of Saskatchewan), Gary Peng (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Linda McGregor (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Sandy Junek (Discovery Seed Labs), Allie Noble (Saskatchewan Agriculture)
Learn About: Don’t let this yield robbing disease move into your field. Visit this station to talk clubroot with world-class experts. All the latest information on clubroot prevention and management will be covered, including resistance, resistance failure, soil pH, sanitation, and scouting. Managing clubroot in non-canola years. Rotational crops controlling clubroot. See how far spores can move in the tillage demo. Talk with Discovery Seed Labs about their learnings from farmers who have clubroot and obtain a sample bag to submit for the provincial clubroot survey

Crop Rotation
Speakers: SaskCanola Directors including Gerry Hertz (Edenwold), Keith Fournier (Lone Rock), Katelyn Duncan (Regina) and Wayne Truman (Redvers), John Ippolito (Saskatchewan Agriculture), Erin Campbell (Saskatchewan Agriculture), Cory Jacob (Saskatchewan Agriculture), Stu Brandt, Michelle Beaith (SaskFlax), Sherrilyn Phelps (Sask Pulse Growers), Dale Risula (Saskatchewan Agriculture), Derek Flad (NorQuin), Kaila Hamilton (NorQuin), Nancy Johns (SaskFlax), Patricia Lung (SaskFlax), Graeme Shepherdson (Sask Wheat)
Learn About: Suggestions for a balanced three or four-year rotation. The pros, challenges, & solutions to including wheat, peas, barley, flax, quinoa, and faba beans in a crop rotation with canola.

Diseases (Blackleg, Sclerotinia, & Verticillium)
Speakers: Justine Cornelsen (Canola Council of Canada), Clint Jurke (Canola Council of Canada), Dr. Fengqun Yu (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Qilin Chen (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Yan Zang (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Melissa Kehler (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Dr. Hossein Borhan (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Erl Svendsen (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Jackie Nettleton (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Kaeley Kindrachuk (Saskatchewan Agriculture), Darell Pack (CropLife Canada), Shannon Chant (Saskatchewan Agriculture), Shauna Sereda (20/20 Seed Labs Inc.)
Learn About: Learn to identify between these plant diseases and determine whihc one is stealing your yield. Visit this station to learn from crop pathologists on how to steward blackleg resistance genes, learn about new reserach on sclerotinia, and learn about verticillium and the potential impact it may have on your canola crop.

Speakers: Warren Ward (Canola Council of Canada), Patrick Mooleki (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Lyle Cowell (Nutrien Ag Solutions), Amy Sayer (Nutrien Ag Solutions)
Learn About: Stop by this station to look for damage in our demonstration plots and discuss options for managing seed-placed fertilizer in canola. Do’s and Don’ts for seed placed fertilizer safety! How can you safely fertilize for top yield with a single-shoot drill? What is the best form of Phosphate for your farm? What is the difference when top-dressing liquid fertilizer compared to dry?

Stand Establishment – station sponsored by BASF Canada
Speakers: Ian Epp (Canola Council of Canada), Christiane Catellier (Indian Head Agricultural Research Foundation), Mark Smith (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Kim Stonehouse (Saskatchewan Agriculture), Dale Tomasiewicz (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Colleen Redlick (BASF), Cory Ralph (BASF)
Learn About: Looking at seeding depths, plant stand densities and seed size and how it affects stand establishment. What canola plant densities should I target and why? How do I deal with very low or very high TSW (thousand seed weight)? How do I use the Canola Stand calculators?

Harvest Management – station sponsored by Brandt Group of Companies
Speakers: Shawn Senko (Canola Council of Canada), Curt Borys (Brandt), Nathan Gregg, Amie Harrison (PAMI), Alexei Akoulov (PAMI)
Learn About: Learn how to properly measure and quantify losses out of the back of the combine and address key areas of loss throughout the machine. Ask the expert whether swathing or straight cutting is right for you. Learn tips for success with direct cutting canola - does the header make a difference? Learn how you could be part of a current harvest losses research project. Check out Brandt’s brand new oilseed certified grainbelt!

Insect Management
Speakers: Gregory Sekulic (Canola Council of Canada), James Tansey (Saskatchewan Agriculture), Tyler Wist (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Meghan Vankosky (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Sean Prager (University of Saskatchewan), Berenice Romero (University of Saskatchewan)

AAFC Research Demonstration Plots
Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Roots – Speakers: Adrian Cabral (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Sarah Lynch (University of Saskatchewan), Denys Solskyi (University of Saskatchewan)
Sclerotinia or Clubroot Resistance – Speakers: Sally Vail (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada)
Seeding Water Uptake and Camelina – Speakers: Mark Smith (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada)
In-Field Diagnostics for Canola Pathogens – Speakers: Tim Dumonceaux (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada), Orianna Dubasov (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada)

Cash Advance Program – station sponsored by Canadian Canola Growers Association
Speakers: Representatives from CCGA’s Contact Centre
Learn About: The cash advance program and how it can support cash flow on your farm, new regulations that increased allowable limits available for farmers, and how you can apply.

Agriculture Policy
Speakers: Tracy Broughton (SaskCanola), Steve Pratte (Canadian Canola Growers Association), Ericmoore Jossou (University of Saskatchewan), Patricia Tozatti (University of Saskatchewan), Joseph Omale (University of Saskatchewan)
Learn About: SaskCanola provides a voice for Saskatchewan canola farmers on issues impacting farm profitability through various ways. Stop by this station to learn more about how SaskCanola provides input on policy to government directly and with strategic partnerships with national organizations including the Canadian Canola Growers Association, Canola Council of Canada, and Grain Growers of Canada. Topics covered will include potential improvements to business risk management programs, opportunities for canola farmers in the biodiesel market, and how crop protection products are regulated.  

Canola Eat Well ~ Diabetes Saskatchewan
Speakers: Lynn Weaver (SaskCanola), Regan Udell (SaskCanola)
Learn About: What are the benefits of canola in my diet?

BeGrainSafe Trailer
Speakers: Rob Gobeil (Canadian Agriculture Safety Association), Kirk Muyres (Team Muyres), Dan Marsh (Team Muyres)
Learn About: Grain safety entrapment demonstration.

FieldView Trailer
Speakers: Troy Prosofsky (Climate FieldView)
Learn About: Data-driven agricultural decisions and insights to maximize every acre.

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Gold Sponsors BASF Canada, Bayer CropScience Canada, BrandtCanadian Canola Growers Association and Discovery Seed Labs

Friend Sponsors 20/20 Seed Labs IncCorteva AgriScience CanadaCropLife Canada, Farm Credit CanadaRealAgricultureSyngenta and Western Grains Research Foundation

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