Canola School: Short-and long-term management options for sclerotinia

It’s the beginning of July, and farmers growing canola are starting to ask themselves how they can get ahead of the curve and manage sclerotinia before it becomes a problem.

In this episode of the Canola School, RealAgriculture prairie field editor, Kara Oosterhuis speaks to North Dakota State University professor Luis Del Rio about some of the techniques you can use when it comes to managing the disease.

“The first thing we need to think is that the sclerotia can survive in the soil for more than five years. So if we space the amount of time between the crops — like say, canola, wheat, barley, or another grass — that way we are buying time for the sclerotia to just die down,” he explains. “The sclerotia that has been in the ground for three or four years is going to be weakened, and incapable of producing enough amounts of spores.” (Story continues below player)