Canola School: Flea beetle damage worsening across the prairies

Seeing dimpling on your canola leaves? Stem feeding? Chances are, it’s flea beetles causing the damage.

This year in the southern prairies, flea beetles are becoming a significant issue, most likely in part due to dry conditions. And with neonicotinoids continuing to hit headlines, flea beetle control could become even more difficult in the coming years.

Hector Carcamo, research entomologist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada says in this episode of RealAgriculture’s Canola School, that although neonic insecticides still provide the best protection when it comes to spraying for flea beetles, foliar insecticides are an option producers may want to look at.

“Although the studies are preliminary, we have research around foliar insecticides in Beaverlodge , Saskatoon , southern Manitoba, and southern Alberta. We see a lot of variabilities but sometimes we do see an increase in the yield by using foliar insecticides,” he explains.

Learn more from the conversation RealAgriculture field editor Kara Oosterhuis had with Hector Carcamo, here:

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