Canadian Young Farmers Forum

My name is Anthony Eliason. My wife, Samantha, and I live near Outlook, Saskatchewan where I farm with my father and family. We have 5,000 acres of irrigated and non-irrigated land where we grow a range of field crops.


Anthony and his wife Samantha, outstanding in their field!

I have been farming since high school and through university. I have a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, a diploma in Agronomy, and other training that helps me be the best steward of the farm that I can.

This other training includes attending conferences, workshops, producer meetings, tours and whatever else I can find. I enjoy learning new things and it’s amazing where you may hear something that gives you a lightbulb moment.

SaskCanola hosts/sponsors a lot of the events I attend, including a great Leadership Workshop they started a couple years ago, which I think was where I gained more appreciation of our industry and other young producers from Saskatchewan. I have my P.Ag and B.S.A. but it was not until then that I wanted to become more professional. I may not work for any companies, commissions, or universities, but I am the face of farmers at many of the conferences I go to.


Anthony pictured center back row in the 2016 Learn to Lead delegation

We are not all t-shirt, ball cap guys, and I rarely see coveralls, except in the barns. We are businesspeople and tech savvy. Farming has changed in the last couple years and we as farmers take what we do seriously and with passion.

I enjoy the networking that goes with many of these conferences; groups like Saskatchewan Young Ag-Entrepreneurs is a great way to meet other people from Saskatchewan. I have attended the national body Canadian Young Farmers Forum conference last year in Ottawa and again this year in Saskatoon. This year CYFF held four days of meetings, seminars, tours, and informational presentations. It has taught me how diverse agriculture is in Canada, and how we all have a passion for our industry and our country.

These type of conferences are not technical or agronomic but they help with farm business, family issues, and self-improvement. They are a way to meet others like you, others wanting to learn and travel and share outside of your own community.

I highly recommend events like these, as well as other continued learning and extension events to help keep your mind sharp over winter holidays. You never know what you will learn.