Appointment of Ambassador to China Important Step in Resuming Canola Trade

Today's announcement that Dominic Barton has been appointed as Canada's new Ambassador to China is important news for Canada's canola farmers. The announcement, made earlier today by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is seen as an important step to address ongoing trade issues with China.

"We're pleased to see the appointment of Dominic Barton as Canada's Ambassador to China," says Bernie McClean, President of Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA). "His extensive business experience in Asia makes him well-suited to move Canada-China trade relations in a positive direction."

Barton most recently chaired the Advisory Council on Economic Growth, which highlighted the importance of strengthening Canada's agri-food sector for future economic growth.

"We've consistently emphasized the importance of appointing a new Ambassador as part of the solution to resolving trade issues with China," says Rick White, Chief Executive Officer at CCGA. "It's good to see that recommendations coming out of the Canola Working Group are being implemented."

China has been an important export market for Canadian canola. In 2018, seed exports were valued at $2.7 billion. "CCGA looks forward to working with the new Ambassador to find solutions that result in the resumption of canola trade with China," says White.

CCGA represents canola farmers on national and international issues, policies and programs that impact farm profitability and is an official administrator of the Government of Canada's Advance Payments Program.

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