Partnerships & Programs

SaskCanola grows your levy investment by developing partnerships & programs with other agriculture organizations to enhance awareness, growth, and prosperity of the canola industry both locally and nationally. Some of our great partners are:


SaskCanola's Sponsorship Program provides funding to programs, projects, operations and innovations linked to our goals: advocacy, research, producer engagement, and canola promotion.

Gold Sponsor of Soils & Crops Workshop

Diamond Sponsor of Sask Young-Ag Entrepreneurs


SaskCanola knows that the continuing success of the canola industry lies with today's students. Through scholarships, SaskCanola supports education for future researchers, farmers, agronomists, et al.

SaskCanola Graduate Scholarship Program

The canola industry was built on innovation and investment in knowledge. As the industry continues to grow, there are new challenges to face in the areas of canola production, development and utilization. To ensure we have qualified experts in these areas, SaskCanola awards funding to graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan. Click here for more information and to apply.

Dr. Keith Downey Undergraduate Scholarship

The Dr. Keith Downey Undergraduate Scholarship awarded by SaskCanola is available to family of Saskatchewan canola producers who are enrolled in undergraduate post-secondary agriculture education in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th years of their program. This award is managed by the College of Agriculture and Bioresources at the University of Saskatchewan

Canola Exhibit

Canola: A Story of Canadian Innovation presents the Canadian story of ingenuity behind this healthy and versatile crop now exported to over 50 countries, generating billions for our economy each year. This interactive travelling exhibit explores the history and development of canola, its uses in industries from food processing to transportation, and its place on Canadian tables. The exhibition also opens a window into the potential future of canola – visitors will learn, through their five senses, about canola and the current research being conducted to improve its varieties and yield.

This exhibit is on loan from the Canada Agriculture & Food Museum touring local museums in Saskatchewan, check it out:

November to December 2018 – Carlyle Rusty Relics Museum

December to March 2019 – North Battleford Western Development Museum

April to June 2019 – Saskatoon Western Development Museum 

Proud Sponsors: SaskCanola, Manitoba Canola Growers, Alberta Canola Producers Commission, Canola Eat Well, Canola Council of Canada, and the Canadian Canola Growers Association