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License to Farm - Building Trust One Acre At A Time

Canada is a world leader in agriculture and food production. But farming doesn’t look the same as it did a hundred, fifty, or even ten years ago. Farmers are producing more with less, using more efficient and sustainable practices than ever before. So why do consumers carry so much doubt around the way their food is produced? When did fear begin to trump science and fact when it comes to food production – and how do we earn back that valuable consumer confidence?

It is crucial for agriculture – particularly farmers – to take a seat at the table when it comes to conversations about food. Farmers can play a crucial role by engaging in meaningful conversations, opening the doors to their livelihood and building trust with their communities.

This powerful documentary explores the truth behind common misconceptions of agriculture production in Canada, while empowering farmers to stand up and advocate for their social license to farm.

SaskCanola wants License to Farm to be part of the solution that helps farmers find their voice to advocate for themselves about their passion – farming for a living. While we initiated this project, we strongly encourage the entire agriculture industry to adopt and show this film to as many people as possible. Our hope is that this will be the start of a domino effect, a game changer in agriculture for the social license debate. The documentary will remain online so that it can be shared with your networks of colleagues, family, and friends. The greater the audience we share this with, the better common ground we think will be gained between us, the food producers, and the public, the people who eat our healthy, nutritious products. We hope you are all excited as we are with the final product! Countless hours went into the production of this film but the end result is something we are proud of…and we can’t wait to share it with everyone. Please get in touch with us if we’ve sparked your interest and you need some more information about how to use this material going forward, we’d be happy to discuss with you.

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Since the License to Farm documentary launched in January 2016, it has been viewed over 83,000 times on YouTube in over 165 countries and has garnered over 2 million social media impressions. SaskCanola has received 7 Best of CAMA (Canadian Agri-Marketing Association) awards, as well as, the Food & Farming Champion award for its role in producing the film. To carry on the License to Farm legacy and the farm to table conversation, SaskCanola will be releasing five extended interviews from the License to Farm vault in 2017. To view these extended interviews, visit

Don’t let your silence take away your license to farm!

Canola: The Myths Debunked

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