The Canola Industry

From heart-healthy oils and nutraceuticals to animal feed and biofuels, canola is the largest crop by hectare grown in Saskatchewan.

2018/2019 Crop Year

Seeded acres:
- Saskatchewan = 12.4 million acres
- Canada = 22.8 million acres

Harvested acres:
- Saskatchewan = 12.2 million acres
- Canada = 22.5 million acres

Average yield:
- Saskatchewan = 39.3 bushels/acre
- Canada = 39.8 bushels/acre

Total production:
- Saskatchewan = 10.9 million tonnes
- Canada = 20.3 million tonnes

Saskatchewan Agri-Food Exports

- $784 million in canola meal
- $1.7 billion in canola oil
- $3.2 billion in canola seed
- $7.7 billion other agri-food exports

Saskatchewan Canola Export Destinations

5 year average canola seed exports
- $1.2 billion to China
- $649 million to Japan
- $407 million to Mexico
- $207 million to Pakistan
- $177 million to United States

5 year average canola oil exports
- $1.1 billion to United States
- $296 million to China
- $45 million to South Korea
- $44 million to Mexico
- $43 million to Chile

5 year average canola meal exports
- $637 million to United States
- $134 million to China
- $14 million to Thailand
- $6 million to Mexico

Saskatchewan Agri-Processing

Saskatchewan is the top province for canola crushing in the country, with five crush plants contributing to a combined capacity of about 5 million metric tonnes. Saskatchewan is also the hub of canola oil refining, with about 60% of Canada’s refining capacity.

*Data sourced from Canola Council of Canada and Saskatchewan Agriculture.
Page last updated on May 12, 2020

National Canola Partners

Canola Council of Canada
SaskCanola is a core funder and member of the Canola Council of Canada (CCC). The Council is a national organization with members from the entire canola value chain, including grower associations, crushers, exporters and life science companies. The organizational mandate of CCC centres around three main priorities of global market access, sustainable supply, and differentiated demand of canola and its products. As an export-oriented commodity, Saskatchewan growers rely on several stable and emerging markets for the crop in addition to a predictable trade environment. Much of Council’s activities support providing a voice internationally on the importance of canola. The CCC also supports a coordinated effort on research and innovation, getting the newest knowledge on best production practices to growers based on the farmer research investment. The Council works alongside of the provincial grower associations in collaboration with a common goal of a successful and sustainable canola industry.

SaskCanola appoints one farmer to represent Saskatchewan canola growers at the CCC board of directors. Click here for more information on the CCC, the team, and their activities.

Canadian Canola Growers Association
The Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) advocates for canola farmers across Canada on national policy issues and serves farmers by delivering the Advance Payments Program (also known as the cash advance) on over 45 commodities. SaskCanola works very closely with the CCGA to ensure that Saskatchewan farmers’ interests are represented on issues related to business risk management programs, access to crop protection products and a science-based regulatory system, rail transportation, and farm-gate issues related to trade.

SaskCanola appoints three farmers to represent Saskatchewan canola growers on the CCGA board of directors. Click here for more information on CCGA, the team, and their activities.

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