About SaskCanola

SaskCanola (Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission) is a producer-led organization, established in 1991 to invest in research and market development activities. SaskCanola is governed by eight farmer directors who are democratically elected by levy payers. The organization is supported by some 20,500 canola producers in Saskatchewan. It is funded by a $0.75 per tonne levy on each tonne of canola grown and sold in the province. The levy is collected by buyers at the time of sale and can be refundable at the request of the producer.

Mission: Provide value to canola producers through research investments and communication to growers, consumers, and government

Vision: Growing producer prosperity

Strategic Priorities

Research: Focus research expenditures to foster innovation, decrease production risk, increase sustainability, and profitability.

Public Affairs: Be a voice for canola producers on matters pertaining to research and canola industry development.

Grower Relations: Provide producers with relevant and valuable resources to support canola production.

Canola Promotion: Increase awareness, demand, and value for canola and its products.

Agri-Food Act

All commodity boards, commissions and marketing boards in Saskatchewan, including SaskCanola, are regulated under the Agri-Food Act and monitored by Agri-Food Council. Council members are appointed by and accountable to the Minister of Agriculture. SaskCanola is governed by the Saskatchewan Canola Development Plan Regulations.


See Board of Directors page.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is hosted by the Board of Directors each year in January. The AGM includes the appointment of the auditors for the upcoming year, welcome of new directors in election years, and a report on the audited financials and activities of the past year. It is a great opportunity for levy payers to ask questions in a public setting or bring forward a resolution. A resolution is a formal motion brought forward by a levy payer, requesting that SaskCanola take action on a particular activity or issue.

Annual Report

*For copies of past annual reports, please contact our team.

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