Levy Dollars at Work for You

SaskCanola remains focused on advancing farmers' best interests using levy contributions to fund canola producer programs and services.

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Return on Investment

Approximately 96.5% of Saskatchewan canola producers leave their levy dollars with SaskCanola to do work on their behalf. In 2018, this equated to 7.78% of levy dollars refunded.

The levy of 75 cents per tonne sent to SaskCanola, and administered by the producer-led board of directors, helps your canola business:

  • further explore and secure canola markets for producers nationally and internationally;
  • continue agronomic success, by working on important research that benefits producer profitability;
  • acquire the latest crop and farm business information through communications programs and services.  

SaskCanola has established four strategic priorities for the organization:

1. RESEARCH: Focus research expenditures on fostering innovation, decreasing production risk, and increasing sustainability resulting in enhanced producer profitability.

2. PRODUCER ENGAGEMENT: Engage in dialogue with Saskatchewan canola producers to strengthen relationships and gain understanding so that we can best address their challenges.

3. GOVERNMENT & INDUSTRY RELATIONS: To influence legislation and policy.

4. CANOLA AWARENESS & PROMOTION: To increase the awareness, demand, and value for canola and its products.

Canola Council of Canada

Through a core funding agreement, SaskCanola provides annual funds to the Canola Council of Canada (CCC) that are directed to market development programs designed to increase the demand for canola and canola products. Some core funds are matched by the federal government.

CCC is a national non-profit industry association representing the entire canola value chain — growers, seed developers, processors and exporters of canola and its products. The CCC’s mission is to advance the growth and profitability of the canola industry based on innovation, sustainability, resilience and the creation of superior value for a healthier world.

The CCC is focused on crop production and innovation, trade and market access. It is governed by a 17-person Board of Directors representing all sectors of the canola industry. The board consists of three processors, three exporters, three growers (from MCGA, SaskCanola, ACPC), five directors at large (appointed by the Board) and three directors (appointed by the regular members). The CCC has 22 core funders. Core funding comes from a voluntary industry levy paid directly to the Council by three provincial grower associations, processors, exporters as well as life science company contributions. The CCC also offers regular membership with voting rights for $500 per year and affiliate membership with no voting rights for $250 per year. Website: www.canolacouncil.org