Board of Directors

An eight member Board of Directors oversees SaskCanola. They are producers who strongly believe in the potential that canola holds on the world stage.


The Board along with staff is responsible for the allocation of canola levy funds amongst four key priorities established by the organization's strategic plan in 2015:

  • Research
  • Producer Engagement
  • Advocacy
  • Canola Promotion

The Board reports annually to producers on their stewardship of SaskCanola at the Annual General Meeting held every January.

To accomplish all of this, SaskCanola Directors attend five board meetings per year, participate on Board committees, and attend industry and producer meetings to ensure canola producer's interests are heard. The Directors commit approximately 40 days per year of their time to SaskCanola to ultimately benefit the producers of Saskatchewan.


Lane Stockbrugger, Chair

Box 212
Englefeld, Saskatchewan S0K 1N0
Phone: 306-751-4834
Cell: 306-533-5467
Twitter: @LaneDStock

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Charlene Bradley, Vice Chair

Box 36
Stranraer, Saskatchewan S0L 3B0
Phone: 306-377-2021
Cell: 306-831-6516
Twitter: @Charlene_6516

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Katelyn Duncan

Katelyn Duncan, Director

Box 37058
Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 7K3
Cell: 306-541-3626
Twitter: @FrmerAtHerTable

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Keith Fournier

Keith Fournier, Director

RR 1
Rivercourse, Alberta T0B 3X0
Cell: 306-821-1428
Twitter: @4nierfarms

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Gerry Hertz, Director

PO Box 222
Edenwold, SK S0G 1K0
Phone: 306-771-2686
Cell: 306-537-8324
Twitter: @Gerry Hertz

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Bernie McClean, Director

Box 339
Glaslyn, Saskatchewan, S0M 0Y0
Phone: 306-342-2190
Cell: 306-342-7597
Twitter: @bcmcclean

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Wayne Truman, Director

Box 757
Redvers, Saskatchewan S0C 2H0
Phone: 306-452-3887
Cell: 306-452-7095

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Doyle Wiebe, Director

Box 680
Langham, Saskatchewan S0K 2L0
Phone: 306-283-4340
Cell: 306-222-0170
Twitter: @DoyleWiebe

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SaskCanola Board Committees

Audit & Finance: Chair, Keith Fournier; Charlene Bradley, Gerry Hertz

Canola Promotion: Chair, Charlene Bradley; Wayne Truman

Governance: Chair, Wayne Truman; Charlene Bradley, Katelyn Duncan, Bernie McClean

Grower Relations: Chair, Katelyn Duncan; Keith Fournier, Doyle Wiebe

Policy: Chair, Doyle Wiebe; Katelyn Duncan, Gerry Hertz, Bernie McClean

Research: Chair, Bernie McClean; Keith Fournier, Gerry Hertz, Wayne Truman