Welcome to SaskCanola

SaskCanola (Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission) is a producer led organization, established in 1991 and supported by some 23,000 levy-paying Saskatchewan canola producers.

Vision: Growing producer prosperity.

Mission: To provide value to canola producers through research, policy, and promotion.

An eight member Board of Directors oversees SaskCanola. They are producers who strongly believe in the potential that canola holds on the world stage.

A 75 cent ($0.75) per tonne levy on Saskatchewan produced canola is collected by buyers at the time of sale and forwarded to SaskCanola. The levy is refundable upon request by the producer.

Levy Dollars at Work for You
The levy of 75 cents per tonne sent to SaskCanola, and administered by the producer-led board of directors, helps your canola business:

  • further explore and secure canola markets for producers nationally and internationally;
  • continue agronomic success, by working on important research that benefits producer profitability;
  • acquire the latest crop and farm business information through communications programs and services.

The Canola Value Chain
SaskCanola is a core funder of the Canola Council of Canada and member of the Canadian Canola Growers Association. SaskCanola also works in collaboration with the other provincial canola producer organizations. Click here to read more about the canola value chain.

SaskCanola Regulations
All agri-food agencies in Saskatchewan, including SaskCanola, are supervised and monitored by Agri-Food Council. Council members are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, and are accountable to the Minister of Agriculture. SaskCanola is governed by the Saskatchewan Canola Development Plan Regulations.